Friday, April 5, 2013

Links: Comadres, Radio Times and Astrogator's Logs

Superficial Darkness and Luminous Ink

Scientist, writer and editor Athena Andreadis reviews my novel INK on her always fascinating blog Astrogator's Log:
"If Ink had been written in any language but English, it would have become a bestseller with reviews in the equivalent of the NY Times...."
Read in full by clicking here.

Talk about it with your comadres

In the March teleconference of Las Comadres para las Américas March teleconference, Nora Comstock  asks everything about INK, from nahuales to characters' voices. Listen to the half-hour interview by clicking here.

These are still radio times

I'm interviewed on the renowned Philadelphia NPR/PBS/WHYY  show Radio Times about the book I edited for Al Día, 200 Years of Latino History in Philadelphia, along with fellow guests: Erika Almirón of Juntos, and historian Victor Vasquez. Listen to the hour-long interview by clicking here.

Also from WHYY's Newsworks, Elisabeth Perez-Luna's short piece on the same subject. To hear it, click here.

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