Tuesday, December 6, 2011

At long last - a finished quilt

If you read my blog post of Nov. 15, 2009, "How to make an immigrant quilt," you know how very long I've been working (and not working) at finishing this crazy quilt. Sara Newswanger, a Mennonite quilter from Churchtown, Pa., did the binding and quilted through the yardage of vintage batik from Zaire I gave her for backing.

So ... now that I see it ... those three blocks on the third panel from the top should have all been oriented differently. The white bird's head should have pointed at the feet of Our Lady of Guadalupe in that medallion-shaped piece in the center; the trees in the block on the left would have echoed that "footing," and the writing on the square on the right (with the pieces of a drawn "story quilt" my daughter started when she was tiny) would have been legible. Oh well, live and learn.

I'll get it right in the next quilt. ;-)

Sara echoed the hearts I had appliqued on the verso in her quilting.


  1. It's wonderful, Sabrina!
    Is that really the quilt you startd for Morgan's birth - 16 years ago?! LOL
    GOOD ON YOU for completing it!
    I don't think anything needs changing. I love all the crazy quilt patches - and the bird appliques are terrific.
    Are you going to let Morgan sleep under it now? *evil grin*

  2. Diane Myers-MosherDecember 6, 2011 at 7:52 PM

    Sabrina! I'm somewhere in Mississippi just east of Memphis where we've pulled off the road for the night on our way home to Hilton Head. I was thrilled to get internet service and then doubly thrilled to see a picture of your beautiful quilt!! Bravo!! I love it and I covet the batik backing from Zaire -- I love working with batiks and yours is an especially beautiful one! Enjoy your gorgeous quilt -- I think a sign of a true quilter is that we are never satisfied with the final outcome -- ha, ha!! You did well, kiddo :)


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