Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ink, Fat and Inspiration

Where I write.
Last October I found out my story "Flying with the Dead" would be appearing in Crossed Genres magazine and my story "Paper Trail" was accepted for publication in GUD magazine.

I think we hadn't yet crossed over into November when I learned "Flying with the Dead" would also be included in Cross Genres' Year Two anthology.

They are each stories touching upon immigration, growing up in Guatemala and a particularly Latino practice of Catholicism. They were also my first fiction sales after years and years of writing straight journalism.

Fast forward a year, to October again.
First, I learn that this blog is one of three nominees for a Latinos in Social Media (LATISM) award for "Most Inspirational Latin@ Blog."

Next, I find out my story "La Gorda and the City of Silver" will be appearing in Crossed Genres' Fat Girl in a Strange Land anthology, and then, that Crossed Genres Publications will be publishing my novel, "Ink."
And again, all of these bits of writing touch upon immigration, growing up in Guatemala and Latino Catholicism. (Okay, not "La Gorda" which has nothing to do with immigration or the Church and lots to do with lucha libre - but we won't go there. For now.)

It makes me wonder about resonances, about the Octobers in my life - those months that, while a gateway into a cold and bleak season, actually bring a harvest of gifts.

Details from my writing space.
Or the notice of gifts to come.

October is a month dedicated to Mary - to whom, as Our Lady of Guadalupe, I have a devotion. My writing has long been a manda (a promise and debt) to her, so perhaps I shouldn't be surprised at what manifests in my life during her month.

Life. Art. Faith. Who can tell where the boundaries are?

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