Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Eros and Psyche - A Valentine's Day poem

He lets the soul want him.
He lets the soul love him.
And when she seeks to see
what she can no longer live without,
he sends her away from him. 
With nothing but prayer and desire
for him to light her way.  
Teresa of Avila craving ecstasy knew this.
Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, pleas falling into the great
silence God had become, knew this.
Psyche, chasing after her lower-case god
through the dark underworld and back, 
knew this.

The butterfly wings our souls wear
are emblems of dream and despair.
Will they lift? 
Can they carry us
high enough to pierce
the heavens? 
My hand is outstretched,
as you knew it would be.
If you wanted me
blind and searching
then you have me
just so.
it’s yours.
The thin skin
that contains
the soul,
and everything

©2009 Sabrina Vourvoulias

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