Thursday, April 22, 2010

Immigrant shoes

California representative tells us it's easy to figure out who's "illegal" by looking at our shoes and clothes. Who knew? Must be a West Coast thing. ;-)

image from wikimedia commons.


  1. If the reporter quoted him verbatim and accurately, I'd wonder if he wasn't the 'illegal immigrant' - was that supposed to be English?

  2. Well, if women stopped wearing pants, we wouldn't be having all these earthquakes, don't you know?

  3. When I go home to California, my sibling say they can I'm from the East Coast now by my shoes?!

    But seriously, how can anyone think this? And why are we so greedy?? I'm here and you can't have anything?!

    If one were not playing with people's lives, we could just let economic forces go to work. Regions that welcome and support a broad swath of immigrants (ethnically and socioeconomically) flourish economically and those that encourage only "people like us" do not. Not only is this approach immoral, it's bad for business.

  4. LOL
    does anybody take this tripe seriously?

  5. I have seen the video. The Rep was only giving examples of ways to profile. We all do this in our daily encounters with other. This is being blown out of proportion. Obviously this is am effort to ridicule the Congressman.

  6. I don't know, Rene ... what's coming out of his mouth needs no manipulation to be damning. As my mother used to say, "el pez por su propia boca muere."


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