Monday, March 8, 2010

I get e-mails

Well, who knew confessing to falling apart and the ensuing work to keep the faith would generate so many personal e-mails?

So, a number of you seem to be worried about me (don't be too worried -- I'm still writing and working and praying, after all); a theologian I greatly admire but have never met in person wrote to tell me the blog post helped him (!); another person told me (in slightly more polite terms) to suck it up and be a man, and some kind souls made sure to tell me they didn't think I was arrogant.

By far the numerous reactions had to do with the M&Ms. Who knew they were so universally popular, and so often the choice of what to give up for Lent? Perhaps we should consider making them a basic food group.

But until that happens, here's an M&M bribe:

Anyone who joins me at the March for America (for comprehensive immigration reform) in Washington D.C. March 21 gets a handful or two of Ms from me (sans red ones, of course).

See, it's still me.

Go here for info on the March:

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  1. Unfortunately I 'work' on Sundays! I wish it were a Saturday instead; it would be much easier. However it definitely will be part of my Mass intentions for that day. Our country really needs to move forward. Being pastor of a parish where the original church was burned down because it was for immigrants - IRISH immigrants - has made me even more aware of the horrors to which we subject people coming to this country. Fixing the legal morass of our immigration system is just one small step, but an essential one, to fulfilling the words of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.


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