Saturday, October 31, 2015

Ofrenda for Day of the Dead 2015

La ofrenda

on the right: the offerings & remembrance of my husband's parents

on the left: the offerings & remembrance of my parents

At the center: the offerings and remembrance of my friend Sue Lamb, who died this year

"We come only to sleep, only to dream,
It is not true, it is not true that we come to live on this earth,
We become as spring weeds, we grow green and open the petals of our hearts,
Our body is a plant in flower, it gives flowers and it dies away."

— Netzahualcoyotl


  1. Thank you Sabrina. I liked this very much. The offerings are that which the individual(s) enjoyed on the earth, I suppose. You are so connected to your ancestors (madre padre) and blessed.

  2. Interesting read, never knew they had ofrenda on the Day of the dead. What else you do, as a custom to this tradition?


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