Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Nuestras Voces, Our Voices: Emerging Latina writers talk about their work - Sujeiry Gonzalez

Editor's note: this is the fourth in monthly series of guest blog posts in which emerging Latina writers talk about their work, their process and what inspires them.

 Sujeiry Gonzalez is a relationship expert, coach, author, and freelance writer and editor. Get relationship advice and view coaching packages on LoveSujeiry.com.

Writing as therapy

Writing is my therapy. Instead of giving thousands of dollars to a therapist to dissect my innermost fears, I lay them out on the page. This is why my writing is so raw and honest. This is why many readers of Love Trips: A Collection of Relationship Stumbles — my first published book where I reveal my relationship woes — ask me in awe, "How can you share so much?"

I do put it all out there. Read a few pages of Love Trips and you’ll learn about the bad sex that I've had, that I've willingly participated in drunk dialing sessions, and that I have severe abandonment issues stemming from my philandering, Dominican papi.

Yet, I don't ever feel exposed.

I write as if I were writing in a journal, as if the words and stories I create are just for me. I write without guilt or shame because I am not guilt-ridden or ashamed of the many mistakes that I have made and repeated. I write with candidness, openness, and humor because I am candid, open, and humorous.

My writing is an extension of me.

And so I utilize my voice, my experiences, my imagination, and my personality in my work.

It is what makes my writing mine.

It's not brain surgery. I don't have a magical writing process that leads me to create entertaining and well-received content. Although, I do have a knack for remembering the annoying details of every man I've ever dated. I am also very skilled in the art of introspection, which allows me to reflect when writing. Being introspective means that I can search within for ideas. That I can educate readers on all things relating to love, relationships, and self-awareness. Or as I often say, to be "self-first."

Much like myself, my writing has developed. Although writing is still my therapy, it has become much more than an escape from a shrink's leather couch. My purpose has evolved. My inspiration now stems from a desire to heal...others. I write to help women, if only to save them a world of heartache and thousands of dollars.

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